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From the most remote corners of the Earth comes the fuel that makes modern life possible.

Service Section:

Pipeline Process Service

As a trusted provider of Pipeline Process Service, ZTG offers a comprehensive range of services aimed at optimizing the performance and integrity of pipeline system. We employ advanced technologies and industry best practices to ensure the safe and efficient operation of pipelines across various sectors, including oil and gas, petrochemicals, water supply, and beyond.

Our Service Include:

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Chemical Cleaning
Air Blowing
Stram Blowing
Lube Oil Flushing
Nitrogen Services
Filtration & Heating
Hydro Testing & Fluid Pumping

Powerful solutions for a sustainable future

Industrial Product Trading
Industrial Tool Supply
Industrial instruments trading/renting
Maintainance Material Supply
Air Blowing
Lube Oil Flushing
Steam Blowing
Chemical Cleaning
Nitrogen Services


New Project Development – Construction & Commissioning

Shutdown Support – Modifications and over hauling

Value Addition:

  • Communicate with client throughout job progress, inform of potential anomalies and provide possible solutions and improvements.
  • Custom engineering for each project to meet our client’s requirements and expectations.
    • Liaise to design effective job specific process.
    • Develop procedures incorporating all operational/engineering requirements to ensure efficiency, safety, and economy.
    • Create all relevant risk assessments and hazard analysis.
  • Ensure adherence to Safety and Environmental standards.
  • Carry out field execution of services to the highest standard.
  • Provide timely in-depth reporting and analysis during operations and following completion of activities.

Cost Saving:

  • ZTG’s approach to your shutdown needs assures that your goals are our primary concern.
    • Consistent communications during planning, quality reporting during execution, and extensive post job reporting creates traceability and maintains high quality.
  • By engineering each application, we ensure that the most efficient, cost effective operation is conducted.
    • Pre-Engineered solutions allow for flexibility in execution and avoid delays on the critical path, significantly reducing time and project cost.
  • Focusing on proper planning results in our execution time and the resources required being significantly reduced.
    • Effective planning ensures that the most cost-effective plan is developed and the final product results in a lower executed cost. 

Bolting & Tensioning Services

ZYMETECH Global is a leading Bolting and Tensioning service provider through GCC region with ample number of
resources and establishment in various industries.


We has competent fleet of manpower with expertise and multi skilled approach on Bolt Torquing and Tensioning works.


All Our personnel are certified with ECITB third party certification, and we are regularly reviewing and renewing their

Special Support in Industrial Facility:


Service Descriptions:

Pre-commissioning & Commissioning services

  • Nitrogen Services (Purging and Supply)
  • Nitrogen Leak Testing
  • Nitrogen Helium Leak Testing
  • Pneumatic Testing / Gross Air Leak Testing
  • Hydrotesting of Process Piping
  • Oil Flushing – Lubrication & Hydraulic Systems
  • High velocity Fluid Flushing & Filtration
  • Chemical Cleaning & Decontamination
  • Water Disinfection
  • Chemical Dosing Solutions
  • Air Blowing / Drying
  • High Pressure Jetting / Hydro Milling
  • Technical Solutions and Engineering Assistance

Nitrogen Services


  • Purging
  • Heat Removal
  • O2 Freeing
  • Pneumatic Testing
  • Blanket Purging
  • Chemical Displacement
  • Velocity Cleaning
  • Catalyst Change-Out
  • Drying
  • Helium Leak Testing
  • Nitrogen Helium Leak Testing
  • Nitrogen & Nitrogen-Helium leak testing are the preferred techniques of flanged connection leak checking mainly for high pressure and critical service systems.
  • Insufficient Bolt Torque
  • Valves Indicating Incorrectly
  • Passing Valves
  • Instrument Calibration Incorrect
  • Spades still installed
  • PSV Calibration Incorrect
  • Piping misaligned
  • Valves seized


The Sound Proofed Nitrogen Pump Unit is used to pump and convert liquid nitrogen into a warm gas for supply to the systems to be leak tested wide range of finely controlled flow rates, temperatures and pressures.

  • Variable flow rate from 200 scfm to 3,000 scfm (6M3 – 85M3 / min)
  • Maximum injection pressure is 0 - 10,000 psi (690 Barg)

Nitrogen tanks ranging in size from 2,000 USG, 4,000 USG and 5,500 USG With various working pressures ranging from 3 barg to 17 barg

Helium Gas Cylinder Skid
Helium Gas Booster Skid
Helium Mass Spectrometer


Gross air leak test is preferred for low pressure systems and the testing can be done using dry air or instrument air.

Hydro-test is recommended for checking the strength of welded joints and also for checking the integrity of pressure vessels. There are various methods of deciding test pressure for Hydro-testing where the test medium usually be the water.

  • High rate circulation used to flush and filter lube oil systems to a high degree of cleanliness
  • Prevents damage to tight tolerance bearings, valves and control systems during operation
  • Normally performed following chemical cleaning of the systems to reduce filtration time
  • Uses both velocity and filtration to remove particles and debris to OEM standards
  • All FQE equipment is Stainless Steel to reduce external contamination



  • Cleaning of hydraulic control systems
  • Cleaning of subsea control lines
  • Compressor lube oil system cleaning
  • Marine vessel control system cleaning
  • Steam & Gas turbine lube systems
  • High efficiency heat exchangers
  • On line oil filtration
  • Electrical transformer oil filtration
  • Provides immediate on-site treatment analysis
  • Confirms that treatment process is achieving desired goals
  • Avoids unnecessary circulation time
  • Variable Flow and Pressure Pump Units from 3m3/min to 20m3/min varying pressures from 12 barg to 40 barg.
  • Water based and Hydrocarbon fluid pumping capabilities
  • Custom designed filtration packages to suit requirements
  • Capable of providing 1 absolute to 250 micron filtration solutions.
  • Water based and Hydrocarbon fluid filtration capabilities
  • Custom designed filtration packages to suit requirements

Chemical Cleaning & Decontamination

  • Applications for New Construction and Shutdown/Maintenance operations
  • Used on new-build to remove construction debris including rust, mill scale, silica
  • Organic deposits such as oils, greases, sludge’s and varnishes can also be treated
  • Once the metal has been cleaned it can be inserted or passivated to prevent formation of new corrosion
  • Greatly increases Safety for vessel entry and work on piping systems during shutdowns
  • Fill & Soak Method
  • Fill & Circulate Method
  • Two Phase Flow Cleaning Method
  • Vapour Phase Method
  • Boiler Boil Outs
  • Foam Cleaning Method
  • Amine Units
  • Caustic Treaters
  • Cat Crackers
  • Cokers
  • Crude Units
  • Ethylene Units
  • Flare Systems
  • Gas Compressor Systems
  • Hydrocarbon Tanks
  • Hydrocrackers
  • Hydrofiners
  • Hydrotreaters
  • Merox Units
  • Pipelines
  • Pipestills
  • Reformers
  • Sour Water Stripper
  • Sour Water Tanks
  • Sponge Absorbers
  • Natural Gas Sweetening Units
  • This service is relevant to chlorination of potable water networks in particular plants or building water circuits. Soaking and sampling are part of the process to achieve required purity of potable water through piping network.
  • Specific dosing pumps can be provided for critical dosing applications where the high accuracy of dosing quantities and particular pressure range of dosing is required.
  • Compressed air rapidly released from the system creates a mechanical disturbance that travels through the line.
  • The mechanical disturbance in combination with the high velocity air flow removes debris from the line.


  • Saves time by combining flushing/line cleaning and De-watering phases (Time required reduced by as much as 50%)
  • Less chemical waste
  • Easy, quick set-up and procedure allows several lines to be cleaned per shift
  • Brass targets can provide positive indication of cleanliness
  • HP 30k to 45k Hydro milling of new build pipework
  • Pipe dia from 4” up to 72”
  • Ability to clean 200 mtr of pipe per 12 hour shift
  • Hydraulic nozzle feed and retraction
  • Removal of mill scale
  • Add on service to steam blowing for dead legs
  • Should not be evaluated or compared to Retro jetting which is classed up to 20k fluid jetting pressure
  • Filtration packages to re-use water in remote desert locations
  • To identify all systems and sub systems required for pre-commissioning
  • To communicate with vendors and ascertain exact cleaning requirements to meet specifications
  • Liaise with construction on availability for pre-commissioning services
  • Develop procedures and operational/engineering requirements for all test packs
  • Create all relevant risk assessments and analysis
  • Provide breakdowns to ZTG to enable effective pricing to client
  • Overseeing and execution of pre-commissioning work scope
  • Walk down systems on three 3D Model (if available) to identify potential issues with access/egress for tie-in points before the actual construction begins.
  • Produce schedule, build cost model for plant p.re-commissioning budget